Server 2003 Not Sufficient Access to Computer to Add Selected Printer

I have a 3002 R2 32 bit DC that is also our print server.  

Reloaded XP SP2 on a PC, now users can't add printers - It gives the error, "You do not have sufficient access to your computer to add selected printer".  I can browse the network printers - I just can't add them.

I found others with this problem,  Accordingly, I edited the Group Policy on both the Print Server (DC) and also on the XP PC referenced, and this did NOT fix the problem.

I also changed the domain security settings to allow users to install print drivers.  This did NOT fix the problem.

I can't change the Group Policy User Rights to allow Load and Unload Device Drivers.  ??  Administrators are in this policy, however, and the user is an administrator.

I tried added the user to the administrator group, and it still gives the same error.  

Please Help
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What local group are the users on the machine, Users, Power Users, Local Admins? That could be why the machines are not allowing them to add the printer.
dhudsontxAuthor Commented:
Users on the box log in to the domain.  I don't have any actual users set up on it.

Is there a local group when they log in to the domain?
Yes there is, if you go into computer management there is a local administrators group which putting a domain user in that will allow them to install the printers, plus any other software they need. Log into the machine as the domain admin first though otherwise you won't have rights to add to the groups.

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dhudsontxAuthor Commented:
Yes, there it is, and yes, that fixed it.  Good catch.  

I haven't had to add users on XP boxes in the past, so I completely missed that, although I have had to do it on network Vista boxes to get them to print right.  

Any suggestions why the need to add local users on this box - something I can change to prevent this in the future?
Usually, I"ll jsut put the Domain Users in the Local Admin group so that way any user can log in and take care of it. Jsut standard for me when setting up machines, both vista and XP
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