How can one add a shared network folder to the Vista Search index?

Our company has shared folders on our server that I would like to include in my Windows search index. When I look at the Indexing Options\Modify\ShowAllLocations, the network folders are greyed out and the pop-up says "The ability to modify settings for this location has been disabled by the system administrator."  I'm logged in as an Administrator (in fact I have the only logon id on this computer), so I'm not sure what is needed for me to be able to do this.
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You cannot add network folders, as simple as that. What you can do is install windows search 4 at your file server. This will produce a server based index that vista (again windows search 4 update has to be installed) can quickly search in.
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
Hmmm. Why does it say "The ability to modify settings for this location has been disabled by the system administrator." ? This would imply to me that this could be enabled.
At , dated 12/20/06, I found this:

Re: Vista & indexing network drives
Today Microsoft released an update to its UNC addin for Windows Desktop
Search that supports Vista, so Vista can index network shares exactly the
same way XP does.

Here's the KB article:

And here's the download page:
I once had the task to set this up and if I remember correctly, there was no other way. You showed one, which will come to the same result as installing windows search 4 everywhere. I could show you a way to deploy, but it only works on vista and 2008. (MS was too lame to distribute windows search 4 via WSUS until now). Your patch however is an msi and therefore very easy to deploy.
Search 4 however should be installed anyway: it is faster and more reliable than 3 (according to MS ;)
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BobArnettAuthor Commented:
OK. Now this is really weird. I opened Windows Desktop Search and then did an advanced search after selecting "Include non-idexed, hidden and system files". Then when I went into Indexing Options the mapped drive was not grayed out so I selected it to be included. I'm not sure where to check my WDS version but I've only had this new computer about 2 months so maybe I already have Version 3 (or 4).
I don't see how that is connected. Please explain: did you select the netw. drive in indexing options (really?) or just at the advanced search?
If you like to check for search 4: You would have kb940157 installed in your list of updates @appwiz.cpl
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
1. In Windows Desktop Search\Advanced Search\SearchTools\Modify Index Locations(which brings up Indexing Options)\Modify and there was the non-greyed-out Mapped Network Drive which I could select. Perhaps the key thing here is that it is a Mapped drive since I believe when a drive is mapped, access permissions are checked then. An educated guess.
2. I checked in "Installed Updates" and did not find kb940157. I found that the final version of kb940157 was released 06/03/2008 and my computer was built around 09/17/2008 so I would think that Windows Search 4 would have come already loaded on my system and wouldn't have needed kb940157.
1) interesting...
2) no, then 4 is not installed. 940157 is WDS4, no other way to get it (except sp2 in the future).

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BobArnettAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks. I will install that just to have the updated version.
Another thing by the way... your addin (which got me curios, so I installed it) is not x64-compatible as said in the description.
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks for the warning. I won't install that now anyway, since WDS seems to finding files on the shared network drive/folder anyway.
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