DataDirect SequeLink Server for ODBC Socket

I keep getting the following ColdFusion error but have no clue what's causing it, how to determne what is causing it or how to fix it.  Any ideas?

C:\DOCUME~1\username\Local Settings\Temp\2\WER44c6.dir00\swsoc.exe.mdmp
C:\DOCUME~1\username\Local Settings\Temp\2\WER44c6.dir00\appcompat.txt

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SWOC is the ODBC server service used by CF and it appears that it has dumped (mdmp - memory dump) core.  I have had issues with this on CF7.x related to memory leaks.

The following search link at adobe yields (only) three tech notes that may help you resolve the issue -µsiteId=MS_Customer

I fixed my problems by updating some JAR files and DLLs but don't know what CF version you are running to know if it's the same issue.

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