populate multiple combo boxes

i have ten combo boxes in a form. they have to be populated woth values from database.
I am using sql.i have a storeproc to get data but it has a parameter called combotype, which takes
the name of combo and fetches the result,so thisgoes on for the next nine combos.so for each
combo i am making a call to database because of which it is taking more time to populate them
so can any one tell me how can i populate multiple combo boxes with a single call to the database.
Note that to populate all the combos we use sane storeproc which has 4 params: ID,Combotype,Returnstatus,returntext

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Anurag ThakurConnect With a Mentor Technical ManagerCommented:
make sure that your stored procedure returns 10 different tables back - in the single db call - in the dataset and each table contains the data which needs to be bound in the each combobox -

assuming that you have got the result set (10 tables) then you can do a databind for the combo with different table in the dataset and do a databind and thus you can get your result set in a single db call
Do you want to populate all the combo boxes with the same set of values? Which column of the query you are filling in the Combo Box?
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