Problem clearing cache when running crystal report from thru IIS 5.1

the first report that I set the .selectionformula property

.SelectionFormula = " WHere policyid = " & Session("policyid")

and the report prints correctly, then I select a different customer, the Session variable gets reset, (I'm sure) but the report outputs the report from the first PolicyID.

I've tried many times, selecting customers in many different orders, but the report always prints with the first policyid

Is there something I need to reset in the report to get it to accept the new .SelectionFormula ?

Another export suggest that I clear cache, which I did using Response.Cache.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability.NoCache), but that didn't work either.

Another expert suggested that I re-post this in the IIS or Web Browser forums.

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jbh_blueAuthor Commented:
unfortunately they are both my questions.

I know.  There might be something there for other experts to use.


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jbh_blueAuthor Commented:
thanks you
I've got the same issue....  did you work out how to disable the caching?
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