Lotus Notes UTF-8 attachment names corrupt in Outlook using DAMO.

Using Domino 7.0.2, two servers, recently upgraded from R5.0.x.  Clients are all Microsoft Outlook users, originally using just IMAP to access R5 mail files, now all mail files are on DWA7 template and the users have DAMO installed to sync everything into Outlook (mainly 2003) and Domino Web Access to view mail remotely.

Everything is generally OK once you get over some of the sillys in the DAMO installer such as browsing for an ID file, saying yes to moving to data directory then not find that it leaves the notes.ini pointing to the network location until the user leaves site...

The problem I have is with attachments.  Some attachments come through into Notes client OK, show in DWA through browser OK, even show in Outlook OK through IMAP but through DAMO the exact same message on the same machine shows the attachment filenames as UTF-8alkdakldakdlk encoded (see pictures).

We have been through everything I can think of, in fact adding a connection using IMAP to the same server and mailbox in the same Outlook profile and the same message is fine so is DAMO and/or syncing with Outlook issue it would seem.

Anyone had the problem, know any fixes or got any bright ideas as to what else to check?  I have setup one of the affected user mailboxes onto a VM here and have the problem repeatable so easy to test.


Steve Knight
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Steve KnightConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
I have noticed that the client sending these messages from checking the message headers appears to be using Lotus Notes 6.5.2.  I first though problem with Outlook not handling UTF-8 filenames correctly but it seems it finds the attachments fine using IMAP to the same Lotus Domino email.

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