Sync Outlook email STATUS with BlackBerry without Exchange Server or BlackBerry Server

I have a small business, so don't have Exchange Server or BlackBerry Server.

Had a BlackBerry a couple of years ago. Got tired of the duplication of having to mark emails as read or deleting emails on BOTH my laptop AND my BlackBerry. So I got rid of it.

Just purchased a BB Curve 8330 'cause the sales person said that NOW I CAN SYNC Outlook with BB such that when I read  or delete an email on (BB or my laptop) the STATUS (read or deleted) will show up on the other device (laptop or BB).

So, I got the BB all set up, and I CANNOT SYNC the STATUS. I recieve emails just fine on both my laptop and BB. But, the STATUS of these emails (read, deleted, etc) does not sync. After talking to the nice tech support person at Verizon, I now understand that it is not possible to SYNC email STATUS unless you use Exchange Server or BlackBerry Server.

Is there a third-party app that will sync the STATUS of EMAILs between Outlook and a BlackBerry?
Is there some sort of work-around to make the email STATUSes sync?
If not, what about on other email-capable phones?
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lee88Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Please close this question. I took the BlackBerry back for a refund.
I wish a solution had been posted.  I would like to do this.
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