Linux HBA Commands (includinf WWN information)

Looking for any commands that would allow me to see HBA Information in Linux -

Emulex and Qlogic HBAs

Don't be shy - give me as many as you can please -


host info:

Linux lh??????.l???.??????.com 2.6.9-34.ELsmp #1 SMP Fri Feb 24 16:54:53 EST 2006 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
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joolsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have hal enabled you might be able to see if there is anything in lshal.
mo2169Author Commented:
Thanks jools -

Good info there - but it didn't give me the WWN info -
Gave mostly disk info -

thanks again though -

Unfortunately I'm not in the office this week or I could hook up a load of fibre disk to a system and have a play with some real examples myself.
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mo2169Author Commented:
Great - Thanks

Able to find the WWN -
-- Emulex --
Download the utilities from the Emulex web site or copy them to the system from the installation CD.

Install the Emulex driver for Linux

Install the HBAnyware configuration utility and the Application Helper Module

The HBAnyware utilty will show the information you need.

-- Qlogic --
Download the scli-x.xx.xx-xx.i386.rpm.gz file (from the QLogic Web site or the FC HBA Manager CD-ROM) to your local machine. In the file name, x.xx.xx stands for the current version of SANsurfer FC HBA CLI.

This tool is great for troubleshooting qlogic HBAs and gives you tons of information.

The qlogic driver is most likely already loaded into your kernel by your distro default setup.
Of course, you can also download the newest driver from the qlogic site.

-- All --
If all you need is the wwn you can reboot the machine and enter the HBA BIOS utility (probably Ctrl+R) and you will find it there.
mo2169Author Commented:
Thanks MP022 -
I don't normally do this but I got the impression that this was successfully answered in #22935429, and that the responses given were generally helpful.

Perhaps a moderator could take a look and decide, I will go with a moderators decision.

mo2169Author Commented:
All set  -thanks to all
Hi modus_operandi,

The message associated with the question was that it  was going to be closed and no points awarded which I didnt think was playing the "EE" game. Now I don't usually complain but in this instance I didnt think it was fair.

Extract from the email;
A question you participated in will be closed in four days:

  QUESTION: Linux HBA Commands (includinf WWN information)
  ZONE: Linux Setup
  REASON: All set

mo2169 has requested that this question be closed.

If you object to this action, you have four days to post a comment
describing your objection. This will generate a request in Community Support for
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Surely, if points were slated for anyone it would have just been a matter of the originator assigning points to one or more responses and not asking for the answered question to be closed.... or have I missed a post somewhere?

FWIW, I'm not even saying that I should be awarded any of the points, it may be that mp022 gave the correct response.

I don't know what the reason "All Set" means, but if you read the posts, you will probably (as I did) get the impression that the question was successfully answered.

I guess the rest, as they say, is up to you!
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