spoolsv.exe consuming CPU when adding content to Excel worksheet from VBA


I have a VBAmacro under Excel. I am adding a lot of content to a number of worksheets and have found it to be very slow.

When I check Task Manager, there is a process "spoolsv.exe" that is consuming a stack of CPU time. If I kill it off, my macro runs like lightning.

Why would adding content to Excel worksheets cause a spoolsv.exe call anyway - isnt that related to printing?

Any suggestion as to how I can avoid spoolsv.exe from being called when I update the cells would be appreciated


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Removing and adding rows is changing the page layout for printing purposes, that why it is getting bigger. I dont think there is a workaround for this, but read this link:

it might help you out.

im not sure if the same problem exist in excel 2007 (or 2002)
gbergsmaAuthor Commented:
OK. I have a workaround. Hopefully it helps anyone else with this issue.

1. I create new worksheet
2. I add all my content (including page breaks)
3. I set all the print layout stuff (paper size, zoom, fit per page, borders etc) - DO THIS LAST!

Originally I had copied a sheet with all the print layout stuff set up. Step 2 above took an eternity, with spoolsv.exe taking a huge amount of CPU.

It seems spoolsv.exe only gets called if Excel has to rework the print layout. If it doesnt know what the layout is, it doesnt call out to spoolsv. So, starting with a new sheet (ie. the print layout is undefined), and setting the print layout after filling out the cells in the sheet has made my printing well over 10 times as fast.



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