Echange 2007, Transport Settings.

Hello All -

we have Exchange 2007 SP1 Running on Windows 2003 R2 (X64). I need to know how to setup a transport rule for exchange that applies to all email messages sent by any internal user (this part i can do), but i also need the transport rule to embeed an image into the email message.

Any Ideas?

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AmitTankConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not possible with built-in transport rules. You may need write your custom transport agent for it.

Here is an example of a custom transport agent.
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hmm....SO i tried this but i don really know where to start. I followed all the directions that the blog stated and that got me going i just dont know how to tell exchange what to do with the email.

is there a transport agent programmers reference guide that i can use? it would have to be 100% direction oriented becuase i am not going to just know how to write a transport agent. - its the whole coding that gets me!

Please advise...

I am not a programmer too :)

You can ask question in develpment forum to get better responces or direction...
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:

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