iPod doesn't sync

When I connect my iPod (brand new) and run iTunes I received the following message:  "iTunes has detected an iPod that appears to be corrupted. You may need to restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes. You may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the iPod."  I then tried to restore my iPod to factory settings but could not do so. I performed all of the solutions per Apple Solutions but none worked (reinstalling latest version of iTunes, changing letter drive, checking USB port, etc.).  I then took my iPod to a friend's computer, connected and was able to restore it.  I could have easily synced the iPod to my friend's computer. This makes me think there is nothing wrong with the iPod, but rather something is wrong with windows xp or my iPod setting in windows xp.  Thoughts?
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Have you tried different USB ports & cables?
You could always use SharePod, it's a free iPod sync utility that is actually more flexible than iTunes.  I use it at home and love it.  http://www.getsharepod.com/
GregSmiAuthor Commented:
Yes.  I tried different USB ports and cables.  I know the USB port is OK because my digital camera works on it.
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Have you tried removing everything iPod / iTunes related and then re-installing it?
Are you and your friend working with the same version of iTunes?  Is this a 'jailbroken' iPod touch?  I have heard that this will happen with the latest iTunes release and jailbroken iPods.
GregSmiAuthor Commented:
I believe I have tried removing everything itunes and ipod related.

Not sure what jailbroken ipod touch is.  I have the ipod classic.  I believe that my friend was working off the same version.
It may be that the retore process couldn't acces the Internet.
Do you have a firewall installed on your computer?
If you do, Does Itunes is in the exception/permited list?
Some times the firewall is the problem

In this previous thread the following suggestion was believed to be the solution, although as you can see it was never confirmed.  However, you could try deleting all the USB controllers, as follows>

Win My PC>right click>properties>Hardware>Hardware manager>USB controllers expand (click on the [+] sign) and delete ALL of the USB references.
Select your computer, first icon on the image, form the menu Action search for hardware changes.
Or you can check if ITunes has Internet privileges and is not blocked your firewall.

"iTunes has detected an iPod that appears to be corrupted ... "
If your problem remains unresolved, perhaps the 'best answer' from this forum will help >

plug in iPod
open control panel
open administrative tools in control panel
then open up "computer management" in "administrative tools"
under "storage", click on "disk management"
right-click on the iPod it shows. go "change drive letter and paths..."
then change the drive letter to something like X or Y.
**Make sure no other drive is already called whatever you're naming it**.
Then unplug the iPod and plug it back in again. It should work.

Details>   "What do i do when my itunes says my ipod has been corrupted":
GregSmiAuthor Commented:
I checked to ensure that itunes is in the exception/permitted list for the firewall and it is so it is not being blocked.

Any thoughts on ipod set up for windows??
GregSmiAuthor Commented:
Let me go through the sequence of events again so you all have it correct:
1. I have a new, fully restored ipod with no songs on it
2. Connect it to USB port in computer.
3. Have to open itunes by clicking on the icon (will not open by plugging in ipod).
4. Ipod shows up under 'Other Devices" in itunes.  However, from file list, sync ipod is grey and can't be clicked on.
5. Itunes says I need to download latest software to my ipod so I click download and it downloads, extracts software and begins to format ipod but then I get the message "The ipod cannot be used with itunes because it is not formatted properly.........restore."
7. I click restore and it goes through the sequences and that is when I then get the corrupt error....

Again, I can go to my friend's computer and restore the ipod.  And I could sync it to her itunes if I wanted.  Makes me think it has something to do with formatting the ipod but what do I know, I am not the expert....
GregSmiAuthor Commented:
And what is FAT 32 I see in other solutions.
Did you simply mean a description of FAT 32 ?

Error>>  > The ipod cannot be used with itunes because it is not formatted properly <
See if this forum helps>

Which in turn links to this article >
"Windows confuses iPod with network drive or hard drive and may keep iPod from mounting or songs may seem to disappear":

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