Option to "Publish to WebDAV Server..." is disabled in Outlook 2007

I'm trying to publish one of my Outlook calendars to our Sharepoint server via the "Publish to WebDAV Server..." command.  In my install of Outlook, the "Publish to WebDAV Server..." function is disabled.

The information I have found elsewhere on how to enable/disable it is just plain wrong (or perhaps just out of date) information, so I have not been able to find where in the interface I can enable this.

Does anyone here happen to know how to enable WebDAV publishing in Outlook 2007?
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datapilgrimAuthor Commented:
I found the solution myself.  Apparently, the option is disabled when trying to publish a calendar that is not located in the "home" mailbox (i.e., the mailbox I am logged into, as distinct from a calendar in another mailbox I have open as a delegate in my client).  

So when I tried publishing the calendar in my own mailbox, it worked fine.  If I want to publish a calendar in a different mailbox I need to log my client into that account and do it from there.  There may also be some delegate permission issues that may come to bear on this, but I know enough now to move on.
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