How to detect Users's IP and then redirect to URL based on IP

Hi there, I need help to put this together. I want to create a basic web page that I will direct our clients to. When they get there they get a basic "You are being Redirected" and in the background I am retrieving their IP address and checking it again either a DB or file and then based on the result I am redirecting them to a SQL Report using that result as a parameter.

Now I am a complete novice to web development but have done some VB and some SQL so if some body could guide me I could probably get there.

How do I do this - I am sure it is a easy as for a web developer out there.

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Daniel WilsonCommented:
        Dim strClientIP As String
 strClientIP = Request.UserHostAddress()
mickinoz2005Author Commented:
Thanks for that but what about the query part to the SQL DB or text file.

Any ideas on that.


Daniel WilsonCommented:
dim cmd as SqlCommand = new SqlCommand(new SqlConnection (MyConnStr), "Select RedirectPage from Redirects Where IP = @IP")
dim P as SqlParameter = new SqlParameter("@IP", SqlDBType.nvarchar)
P.Value = strClientIP
cmd.Parameters.Add (P)

dim dr as DataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader
if then
end if

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mickinoz2005Author Commented:
Hi there,

When I add this code to visual studio I get SQLCommand is not defined, same with datareader.

Can you assist with this please.


mickinoz2005Author Commented:
As a complete novice the solution left a lot for me to still resolve which put me really back where I started. The IP part was complete and worked perfectly for not the DB part.
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