Net Meeting over the internet will not work

Using Net Meeting on company LAN works fine.  Cannot get it to work from an outside internet computer coming into the LAN.  All pertinent ports are open: 389,522,1503,1720,1731.  Also setup one to one NAT from external IP to internal workstation IP.  Just want to share applications.  Watching my firewall traffic (Watchguard X750e) I see it passing traffic to the internal workstation, but the workstation never replies.  Like I said it works fine internally.  Ideas?
BootmasterIT ManagerAsked:
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Netmeeting actually also uses a large number of random port ranges. As a result it is not intended to be used over the Internet. If you are able to configure, you are exposing your network to serious risk of attack with that many open ports. If you want to use it over the internet you need to do so within the confines of a VPN. This makes it secure, and by default all ports are open within the tunnel, just as if you were on the LAN.

Alternatively you can use products like Microsoft's Office Live Meeting, WebEx, or GoToMetting, all of which are more efficient, more secure, and offer more features.
are you sure you have set the correct ports on your firewall? Have you got any UDP/TCP ports mixed? Just a thought...
BootmasterIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
All ports are TCP.  Had all UDP ports open at one point for testing, but actually don't need sound or video transfer so closed them all.  Situation is the host workstation is not responding when net meeting request is coming from the internet.  In my question above I said LAN but meant WAN.  All computers on my WAN can access the host workstation.
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BootmasterIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
When using TCPMonitor on the host workstation, I see a connection occur and go to TIME_WAIT when calling from an outside workstation into the host workstation.  From an internal computer on the WAN, attaching to the host the connection goes to CONNECTED.  Remote ports showing on the host workstation are the range of 50000-65000.  But really, it is like Netmeeting does not respond to connections coming thru the firewall.  Could it be the NAT one to one?
BootmasterIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have now eliminated the workstations.  Tried different workstations, I connected a workstation to my external switch, thereby bypassing the internet entirely.  Only going thru my firewall to access the internal workstation.   Same results.  Netmeeting is doing some talking.
If I do not have the host machine waitng, then the calling machine returns message that the host machine is not accepting calls.
If the host machine is waiting for a call, then the calling machine returns the message that the host machine did not accept my call.  It tells me they did communicate for a second because the host machine must have responded.??
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks Bootmaster.
Cheers !
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