how can i embed flash jukebox into my site

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Hello i am looking to embed the flash swish jukebox player nito my website where jukebox files and page where i need to display are in different folder so what is the easy way to embend the file i am using swish jukebox 2007.10.20a i am looking a solution like youtube to wherever i paste the code it work normaly as this when pasting the code into other page either if modifiyng the scr of the flash the mp3 are not neither showing nor playing.

Note swish jukebox
xlm file
swf player
and the swf mp3 files
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Have you looked in the Help file installed by Swish Jukebox?

I found the following "Jukebox Support" page after a quick search:

Fowwowing the links to utorials > Swish Jukebox there are 5 tutorials that may help you.  Although you should read all of them, the most useful one for your issue seems to be the bottom one:

"Jukebox Files and Paths":

Unzip that file and open the HTM file for instructions that show you how to use a "playlist.xml" file and allow you to place the multimedia files in a sub-folder rather than only in the same folder as the Jukebox player.

You may also find this one useful:
"Using javascript to avoid the 'Click to Activate' issue in Internet Explorer":

I also suggest that you have a look at the source code for demo's shown on this page to see how it is done:
Thank you Audiominds

Wow, I made some typographic errors in my accepted comment, didn't I?
The "W" key is nowhere near the "L" key, so I don't now how on earth I typed:
"Fowwowing the links to utorials" - and yes, I do have a sticky "T" key ;-)

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