VB.net TreeView find node

Im playing with the treeview control, but cant find if a particular path exists,

What Im trying to do is test if a particular path exists from root and return yes or no.

To try and test my idea, ive written the code below which should give the msgbox "Found path!"

Any ideas?
        If TreeView1.Nodes.Find("Nodes_1\Nodes1.1\Nodes_1.1.2", False) Is Nothing Then
            MsgBox("Not Found!")
            MsgBox("Found path!")
        End If

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Hi again!

Look, this works for me, have a look:

 Dim tv As New TreeView
        Dim root As New TreeNode("Personal")
        Dim child1 As New TreeNode("Banking")
        Dim child2 As New TreeNode("Insurance")
        Dim child3 As New TreeNode("Alliance and Leicester")
        Dim fn As TreeNode = tv.FindNode("Personal/Banking/Alliance and Leicester")
        If fn IsNot Nothing Then
            MsgBox("Found path!")
            MsgBox("Not Found!")
        End If

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tonelm54Author Commented:
lol, Hi I opened a new question to go along another idea path.

When I try and run your code I get:-
          'ChildNodes' is not a member of 'System.Windows.Forms.TreeNode'.
Jorge PaulinoIT Pro/DeveloperCommented:
That's for ASP.NET not winforms, right ?
Check this example (snippet).
Nodes.Find finds by the key and not on the text. You can include the path on the key and leave the text as you need. Then you can find by full path.

' Adds the node
Dim node As TreeNode = TreeView1.Nodes.Add("Nodes_1", "Nodes_1")
node.Nodes.Add("Nodes_1\Nodes_1.1", "Nodes_1.1").Nodes.Add("Nodes_1\Nodes_1.1\Nodes_1.1.1", "Nodes_1.1.1")
' Finds by full path
Dim node() As TreeNode = TreeView1.Nodes.Find("Nodes_1\Nodes_1.1\Nodes_1.1.1", True)
If node.Length > 0 Then
End If

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Yes! I've just noticed that and was about to upload a snippet for WinForms. Points for you then! :)
tonelm54Author Commented:
Kool, that works!

Thank you
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