Unable to view/open large .TIFF image online/image viewer

Greetings Experts,

My designer has made an .Tiff image using photoshop, When the file is saved with the layers, the file is nearly 300mb. I have copied this file to my web server. When go to that URL the page (using FireFox) takes its time to load, as it is a large file, but when it finishes loading, you just see the quicktime logo with a " ? " inside the logo.

We have also tried using another copy but without the saved layers which cuts down the file size to just over 3mb. This option is not what we want, but for testing purposes, the image does not appear in the browser window but does prompt to download it.

The only thing on this URL is this one image... nothing else.

Now at the same time, we are able to open this image on the designers laptop in photoshop..no problem. But if we try to open it using iphoto or Windows image viewer, it says no preview available. If i try to open it in paint i get an error "paint cannot read this file, this is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported."

I came across a site that said to try downloading IrFanview. I did this and on my windows machine i am able to open the image.

Back to the URL, I tried using IE 7, when i went to the URL it asked me to save/download the image.  I did this, and when it completed it opened windows Image Viewer, and once again said no preview available. I then went to IrFanView and made it the default viewer for .Tiff files, went to the URL again in IE 7, downloaded the image, and it opened successfully in IrFanView. At the same time although that was successful, i do not want to have to download it, i just want it to show in the browser window. However just to note this image dimensions is 11x17, maybe this is why it cant sow in the browser window?

Please let me know if you need more information and thank you in advanced.

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Basically, browsers do not support viewing TIF files. Right now your browser is trying to use the Quicktime plugin to view it, you could also try the AlternaTiff plugin (http://www.alternatiff.com/), but I suspect that with an image that size, you will not have satisfactory results no matter what plugin you use - 300mb is large even for a file on your local PC, and browsers and browser plugins simply aren't designed to handle files that size.

I have to agree! The Browsers usually dont support opening TIFF's Try saving it as a jpeg or gif or even a png just for viewing purposes!
Or a PDF - basically PDF encapsulates the TIF...
matrix1324Author Commented:
Thank you all!

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matrix1324Author Commented:
sorry i did something wrong.. i am awarding 400pts to lherrou: and 100 pts to studio631

Thank you and sorry for the confussion.
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