End Program - OUTLOOK.EXE Error Dialog Appears when user logs off their computer.

I have two users within my organisation who when they close Outlook and go start->log off they get the following error.

End Program - OUTLOOK.EXE
"This program is not responding"

(Please see attached screenshot)

I've tried waiting about 5 minutes after closing Outlook before logging off but it still happens.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello klikon,

There may be an addin or program not letting Outlook close.  

Troubleshooter when Outlook cannot close

Hope this helps!
klikon--If you use any program that accesses Outlook' data file, it will keep
outlook open until you close the program. Winfax, Activesync, stamps.com are
just 3 of the programs that will cause it.
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