2 Emails addresses - one user account.

hi I have win2003 server sp2 with Exchange 2003, and outlook 2003 sp3 as client.
we recently add an extra email domain for  certain users in our company, and it is working good becuase we recieving emails. (already added to receiping policy, and mx record, and so on)
emaildomain. com and newdomain.com
we have the domain controller where everyone log in and authenticate the user everyday in their worstation. as  domain.com or domain.int in our network (LAN)
The big question is!
1)i want the group of users that i will added the second email to be able chose which email they want to send when creating new email
2)also when replying emails i want to make sure they reply wiht the email address the emial was sent to them by the sender. for example if  ronald@newdomain.com recieved an email to this address. i want him to reply using ronald@newdomain.com even if ronald@firstdomain.com is the primary email address.
i know that only one email address can be set as primary.
i want to avoid :
1)creating a new domain on the lan
2)creating a different account in A/D for the additional email address group, so they can log in  and log off back and forth to check both emails.
i really need ideas on this, and best solution. Please i really appreacite a good solution.
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Robin HumanHead of Network ServicesCommented:
see this article - it addresses a very similar issue to yours.
hope this helps you

* You will need to create an extra domain account for each of the users whom you want to grant the ability to receive emails on 2 different emails and also able to reply back from either of the 2 email address.
* The second email address which you have have assigned to those users will need to be removed from there and you will need to create a new AD account for the same user with different "Display Name" and obviously a different email address i.e. in your case with the secone email address which is unique in the organization.
* Once this is done, if you have created 2 AD Mailbox accounts for eg. UserA-1 UserA-2 wherein UserA-1 is the original AD account and UserA-2 is the newly created AD mailbox account, then you will need to grant UserA-1 Full Mailbox Rights on UserA-2 AD account.
* This will need to be assigned in the Exchange Advanced tab in UserA-2's AD account.
* Once this is done, UserA-1 would simply need to create an Outlook profile by adding both the Mailbox accounts to it and he will also be able to reply using the email address which he/she desire to send as.

Let us know if this does not help.


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well, if you already receive mail, you need to add  both emails defines in is AD properties of every user, in outlook just enable the from field, where the user can choose from wich address they need to send the mail
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help. this was the answer. However, it does not work for owa, but i will have to find a fix for this, but for now should be good enough.
Glad to know that it helped Fausto.
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