Cannot access

Hi there...1st post :)

My dad hosed his pc and downloaded some aggregious stuff.  Anyway  cleaned it all up but now he cant access

thats the ONLY site he cannot access.

Used IE7 and FF3

cleared Temp files, flushed DNS, ran AV and spybot.

Any clues?
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could be server timeout? maybe whateve dodgy stuff was on may of corrupted something. Strange its just one site, but perhaps there is something that site uses.

I found this, not sure about the last post, maybe might help you.

What AV you got? I just got hit with a virus on my work laptop and MacAfee didnt pick it up. I got rid of MacAfee and put on reliable AVG. Now that found it and laptop now clean - only problem is unapproved s/w on it, oh well :)

I also use ccleaner or system mechanic to clean out registry - give that a go. ccleaner is freeware.

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oh, apparently that site needs java. Make sure you got that setting enabled as well.
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13randonAuthor Commented:
Im not at the pc anymore but i left it scanning a bit deeper.  

The page is Error 400 Bad Request that comes up.

Im scanning with AVG 8 updated.

Seems to me malware is subbing in the bad request page over the netflix page.

Googled neflix and was able to get to other parts of the site but none that started with netflix in the URL.

13randonAuthor Commented:
Oh and yes I saw that link., of many b4 I bothered the experts here :)

the date on that post was 2005 so i was a bit weary that the info was outdated, nonetheless...none of the suggestions worked.

BTW, it might be worth mentioning that my dad installed IE8 beta then uninstalled as well as his AV to try and "stop these damn pop-ups" gotta love them.
ha, I use avg8 and have just tried to access netflix no probs.

What antimalware u using? AVG8 has got it built in. I also use spyware doctor,

Have u ran hijack yet
13randonAuthor Commented:
ya its something specific to that computer.

I tried accessing netflix on another computer on the same local just fine.

If I create a new user on the affected PC...still cannot access error 400
This is kinda old as its for win95, but not sure if its worth giving it a shot

This is more recent

I was looking on the netflix website for error code 400 - bad request (

Im not sure how netflix works if you have an account, do you need some s/w on it? If so, have you tried reinstaling that or is it all web based.
13randonAuthor Commented:
Rockiroads.  First off I want to thank you for all of the great suggestions, but it still has not fixed it.  I tried all of those solutions as well as adding it to trusted sites and uninstalling and reinstalling flash which were 2 suggestions form my local guru here.  Him and I are both computer teachers in a high school and are quite savvy with troubleshooting...and are both stumped.

A clean instal lmay be in order.  I probably could have done that in less time than I have spent on just trying to get netflix up.  My dad has decided to cancel netflix and we'll all move with our lives.
Ok, one more try perhaps. The last pain in the arse file that I had which refused to be deleted was removed a long winded way. Of course if the pc is clean then its fine. I checked the "run" entries in registry and found something not write. A dll in System32 and no trace of it in google. I could not delete it as it was in use. Even in safe mode it refused to get deleted.
So I went into recovery mode using the winxp boot cd, and deleted it from there

after that my PC was clean

Apart from that, I have no idea now why you cant access netflix. Different spyware s/w produces different results also but avg8 is pretty good anyway.
Any chance that the local hosts file is redirecting netflix to a non existent P address?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

For what its worth; anytime your PC gets infected, you should NEVER trust it again.
No antivirus/spyware/pop-upblocker/Firewall software on this Planet, *Guarantees* that every last remnant of an infection is cleaned from every possible location on your computer.

I know it's a pain, but you should fully re-load the computer from scratch.

This is the only way to make sure that everything is as clean as you can get it.
Especially if the only apps are IE and Final Fantasy 3.

It is a good idea to invest in a "Drive Imaging" program like Norton Ghost or Acronis

These programs create a snapshot of your hard drive, so that restoring the entire drive onto a new Drive takes Minutes, not hours.
This also avoids the call to MS to "Reactivate" Windows.
These programs have saved my neck on at least 3 occasions.

(By the way, not everyone here knows that FF3 stands for Final Fantasy 3,
Is it a big deal to spell it out, so we do not have to go to Google to find out what this means?)

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