How do I store/retrieve diacritic symbols from an HTML form into the DB
The DB is 9i and has we8 characterset.

I assume user can key in whatever diacritic or symbol using the keyboard comibinations

and oracle will save it. is this correct? would db shows it in simple query.

Now on the way out from DB to web page, do I have to use escape special character before it displays on the html form.

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leclaudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Too bad you're on Oracle 9i.  If you were on 10g you could make use of the convert function.  I hope you'll be upgrading soon.

For example:

select convert('<diacritic chars go here>', 'US7ASCII') result from dual

Ivo StoykovCommented:
Hi sam15
yes you should. symbols are stored and retrieves as a (var)char. for html you should encode them.
sam15Author Commented:
do you have a sample sql insert statement that inserts diacritic charactrers into a text field and then select them back to see them in sql*plus.
sam15Author Commented:
I misunderstood the reqt.
We have a diacritic stored in DB. We want to generate XML on web that has the equivalent ASCII for it. Does DB store the ASCII equivalent for it?
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