BES not receiving all emails

Recently Ive started having issues receiving emails on my Blackberry.  We are using BES and up until now I have never noticed an issue.

I do have client (on this machine only) rules set up in outlook to move emails to personal (pst) folders but Ive had that for the last year.

I know that BIS will not push these emails but from what Ive read BES should.

What is really strange is that it is intermittent.  This morning I sent 10 emails in a row from gmail; all of them were immediately moved to my personal folder in outlook 2003.  Of these 10 emails 5 of them were pushed to my Blackberry.  I did the same test later in the day with 5 emails and only 1 was pushed to my blackberry.

So far it seems that I receive all emails when outlook is shutdown so maybe its a timing issue.

Another thing Ive noticed recently is that I used to get emails on my Blackberry about 30 seconds to 1 minute before they would show up in outlook (over a VPN); now I usually get them in outlook first.

Any advice I could give to my support team would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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There is the timing factor which you mentioned, at least what that's what i noticed on all 4 BES servers i have access to. I usually redirect not only inbox but all folders that are destinations for outlook rules to workaround that. (mark manually inbox+folders+sent items)
But i would also check if those are the rules that cause the problem.
 switch off outlook , sent couple of emails and see if they goes to bb. If the rules are (this machine only), they should not affect delivery to the blackberry device.
th3w01fAuthor Commented:
The rule is a client side and set for this machine only.

I just tested again with 4 emails and one made it to my BB.  I turned the rule off and sent another 4 emails and all of them made it to the BB.  
As I mentioned in previous post , redirect the destination folder on your rule to your blackberry.

It worked for me in all cases.
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Just in case.
You can do it by starting Blackberry Manager
Go to Users
Right Click the user you want and chose "Choose Fodlers for Redirection"
Choose "Redirect the following selected folders"
Tick Inbox,Sent Items, Destination folders for your rules, and any other folders you want.
th3w01fAuthor Commented:
The folders I'm redirecting to are local PST folders on my laptop.  Using the manager I can only redirect folders that are on the Exchange server under my mail box.

Since everything has to hit the inbox first before being moved by my client rule it seems like BES should be able to push it.
There is a key or possibility of adding one :

add a DWORD value called "ProcessMailDelay"
which is a delay before BES starts processing email.

Unfortunatelly if I'm not mistaken the default value is 0, so it wont help you. (it is used for getting rid of accidental emails redirected to BB)

The other problem i see here is that after the email is moved to local pst it is deleted from exchange so even if BES would pick it up, it would delete it just after.

Here is something from RIM : which says in order for BES to redirect emails, destination folder must be set for redirection.

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th3w01fAuthor Commented:
That link appears to deal with server rules that automaticity move incoming mail to a different folder.  Since mine is a client based rule it has to hit the inbox first.

The strange thing to me is that it used to work perfectly and now it only works about 50% of the time.  

I wonder if the key you sent was changed from 0 to something else.  This could explain why some emails are forward and others aren't.  

Do you know which server that key would be set on?
the one you have your BES installed.
th3w01fAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help; it looks to be a timing issue with how quickly Outlook polls for emails and pulls them from my inbox.  
th3w01fAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I don't think there is an actual solution to my problem while I'm connected to the VPN.  ;-)
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