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Ok, here is the problem;  I get 200-400 emails a day saying "everything is OK" from widely different systems.  Things work great when it sends me an email saying there is a problem, but I am running into situations recently when the problem was so bad, that an email never got sent.  I am not a total newb with PS or ASP, but I am not comfortable either.
What I would like to do, is write a web page (so I can check it in the mornings with all my other websites) that would give me a green dot for an ok email received, red dot for and error, and a yellow dot for no email at all.

So, has someone already done this (freeware, I am a pee on with no money)
Could it be done with powershell and asp?
I am inclined to write this myself, so I can add to it later, what do you think?
I guess I could have powershell check an email account file, but how would i start, and how do I integrate PS with ASP?

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You can look at Nagios or Cacti... both are free and simple to configure (you can even download appliances from vmware.)

btw... I am definately not a against a scripted solution, and the shell of the script probably would not be that complicated, but when you start figuring in the error handling and corner cases... oy!


Could you give more details on how I would make one of these tools do what I am looking for?  I read their sites, but it looks as if they are monitoring the services them selves, not an email account/accounts for specific emails, althought they both lok complicated and probably could do it, I am just not seeing it.

The reason I want to monitor email, is that all the alerts for all our systems already email
whoops... I misunderstood your goal. I thought you wanted to do the actual monitoring

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