Can No Longer Sign Adobe Acrobat Documents

We are no longer able to digitally sign Adobe Acrobat documents since the password was changed on the workstation. When trying to sign a document, we get the error message "Creation of this signature could not be completed. Unexpected internal program eror. CMShandler line 79."

This is Acrobat Standard 8.0.  There are 3 options to create security certificates in Adobe, and I believe we are using Windows Certificate Security.  This workstation is part of a domain.

I don't really understand how these Adobe digital signatures work, so any help is appreciated
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Kelvin_KingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't create a new certificate just like that.

A certificate is issued by the Server's certificate authority (CA). If you need a new certificate, you'll need to talk to your server administrator.

What I suspect happened when you changed your password was a new certificate was issued to you, however Adobe is still using the old one.

In Adobe, go to Document -> Security Settings and look under Windows Digital IDs page. Are there any duplicate IDs?

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It's likely that the original certificate that you were using is no longer valid since you changed passwords.

You'll need to regreate the Digital Certificate using the new cert.
Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Content Tab > Certificates and look under the personal certificates tab and delete any certs that have expired.

You might want to read this document as well:
CTSLAAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your reply.  Can you tell me how to create a new certificate?  The current certificates are not expired, but I'd like to try your suggestion to delete and recreate the certificate.  i'm just not sure how to make a new one.
CTSLAAuthor Commented:
You were right.  Once I deleted the certificates, and then went through the Adobe process of signing a document, it prompted me to create new certificates.
Glad I could help : )

- Kelvin
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