How to create caps on an already extruded polygon

I'm making a 3D model off of a 2D plan. I have the model traced and extruded, but I forgot to check "Create Caps" when I was extruding and I (stupidly) don't have a saved version of my polygon before the extrusion. Is there any way to add caps after the extrusion so I don't have to retrace a large chunk of my plan?
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Jose ParrotConnect With a Mentor Graphics ExpertCommented:
Assuming an initial plane where the original polygon is, you can cut the extruded polyhedrum by a parallel plan, very close to such initial plane. Now, consider such intersected polygon, as the new original polygon. Ready to extrude from it.
This approach can run well if you have just one initial plane and just one (or very few) extruding steps.
Another similar solution is viable if the final result, say the last extruding, are open polygons at a single plane (this occurs if you extrude a number of polygons at same time and same displacement). In this case, cut closer to the last plane, thus finding intersected polygons, copy them to another plane and extrude from them, now defining the start and type. Then move them together to join them to the former polyhedra by using boolean add.
I don't see how to "create" a cap outside the extruding operation, because it doesn't have anymore such property.
If you have a lot of polyherdra, each one with its own start and end planes, at different heights, then I see no chance to automatize that, unfortunately.
David BruggeCommented:
I started to tell you how to do it in Illustrator, but then I saw the Maxon tag. I'm sorry, I don't know Cinema 4D or how its extrusion model works.
I suspect that you haven't received any answers because of the same problem. I'm afraid that you will have to look for someone more Cinema 4D savvy than we are.
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