Batch File creation: Help Needed

I need some assistance in the creation of a batch file.


1. Batch file is run and the first thing it does is run a vbscript located in the same folder.
2. Once the vbscript is finished, the batch file restarts the machine.

I have a notion it has something to do with the exit code as to why my current script is not continuing after the .vbs has ran.  If I was not clear in any way forgive me, just ask and I will be glad to answer and additional questions you may have.

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cscript script.vbs
shutdown -r -c "Custom Message" -t 120

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call cscript script.vbs

Otherwise the script may simply not ever reach the next line

alternatively use the shell command in your VBscript to do the shutdown.
I hope this helps !

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Malli BoppeCommented:
The scriot works fine I have tested with a sample VB script.
It could be the problem with your VBscript which doesn't exit properly.
SOSTechteamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, I should have mentioned this, since I believe it is where the issue lies.

The users running the batch are not administrators, so they are unable to execute the 'shutdown' command.

Which leads me to a great question how can I get the batch file to run the shutdown command as administrator without having the password entered each time the batch is ran?
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Malli BoppeCommented:
Are they running it on the local machine or through terminal services.
What error do they get.
SOSTechteamAuthor Commented:
Found a solution: using runasscp to execute the shutdown command has worked beautifully.
SOSTechteamAuthor Commented:
I was on the right track, but the admin rights is what was hanging me up.  Runasscp solved this issue and everything is gravy now.
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