How can I access information from two seperate networks using a dual homed machine to relay the network traffic?

I have two segregated networks.

The first is a private network with it's own DHCP,DNS server all under my control.
The second is a corporate network with DHCP,DNS all under my company's IT control.

The problem -- On some machines on the private network, I have services like remote desktop, VNC, file shares, PXE etc... I would like to be able to access these using what I *think* is referred to as tunneling. Basically use the dual homed machine in the middle to relay the information from Computer B to Computer A.

The problem further on -- I don't want computers in the corporate network to receive DHCP assignments from the private networks DHCP server. I also don't want Computers in the private network such as A to be able to view data from the corporate network.

Networking is my Achille's heel (One of many actually)

Any help or recommendations is greatly appreciated.

I have attached a diagram that illustrates the situation.

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kyleb84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Your "dual homed PC" needs to become a router.

What version of Windows is it running?
Matt_DuAuthor Commented:
It's running windows 2003
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