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Is it possible to have a dddw where multiple items can be picked?

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I have a datawindow with two fields: SITE and DESTINATION_ID .  SITE is not tied to any values in a table, but DESTINATION_ID is tied to a DESTINATIONS table.  It is possible for one site to be assigned to multiple destination ID's.  Example:

WABC   1
WABC   2
WABC   3

Originally, I made a datawindow with each inserted row having a text box for the SITE and a dddw for the DESTINATION_ID.  However, the customer says he would rather enter the site one time (i.e.  WABC) and pick multiple destinations.

Is there a way to have a dddw where multiple items can be picked?

Is this clear what I'm asking?
1 Solution
The easier way is to have a master-detail datawindow. The master datawindow will contain the site
and the detail will contain the destinations for the selected row in the master datawindow. The detail datawindow could be a pick datawindow where it is possible ti highlight more than one row.

Otherwise, the only option is to fake a ddropdowndatawindow by creating a response or popup window which opens when you click an picturebutton beside the site textbox. But this is too tedious, I would rather go for the master-detail datawindows.

Hope that helps.

Other solution is instead of dropdowndatawindow, give normal datawindow with the value combination like you stated and allow user to select multiple rows, which would me more easier than creating two dropdowndatawindow (master/detail). Again this depends on what GUI user likes.

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