How can I map drives on networked Vista PCs?

I have 2 Vista Home Edition PCs networked together, both are using Norton Internet Security 2009.

I can access each PC's printers and Documents from the other PC, but I cannot map a network drive (C) from each PC to the others.

They are on the same Workgroup, and the Sharing options are set in Vista, as are the drives.

Any ideas how I can access the other PC's C drive, not to mention mapping it as a drive letter?

Any assistance and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi wukovits,

Try this

Try somthing like \\IP Address\C$

Good luck.
wukovitsAuthor Commented:
That doesn't work, I've tried it.  I just turned off the NIS firewall, thinking that was blocking it, but no dice.

I have another drive letter that I'm trying to map, but same thing, can't do it.  I get this error when trying to view the drive, which is visible, under "Network":

Windows cannot access \\\c
Check the spelling of the name.  Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network.  To try and identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.

Error code: 0x80070005
Access is denied.

Any other ideas?
wukovitsAuthor Commented:
I even opened up the permissions all the way, and still I cannot access another Vista PC's C drive from this machine.  Even more odd:  there is an external drive, and I can't map to the root of that drive either.

Again, any assistance will be appreciated.
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Hi wukovits,

Actually I had this problem too with NIS. You dont have to close the NIS completly. You just need turn off the live time protection options. Try to right click on the  NIS icon on your right hand side bottom of task bar. And select ticked live protection options and stop them. I suggest you stop all of them. After you un-tick them it will prompt you a box what time you want to turn back on the live time protection. Just select after restart.

If no luck then try to follow the network set up wizard and re-set both network connection.

Good luck.
wukovitsAuthor Commented:
When I get back there, I'll give that a shot.  What's weird is that turning off the firewall on NIS didn't work either.  I'll let you know when I give that a shot if it works.

wukovitsAuthor Commented:
I can map the folders on the drive, but not the drive itself.  Neither the C drive nor the external HD root.  NIS isn't the problem, as I disabled it and tried that to no avail.
wukovitsAuthor Commented:
I still haven't received any ideas that worked regarding sharing an entire hard drive at the root in Vista.  Can anyone help with this so I can close the question and award some points?
wukovitsAuthor Commented:
I'll go ahead and ask again:  Is there a way to map an entire hard drive letter in Vista?  Please refer to the previous comments to see what's been tried already, but bottom line is that I can't get 2 Vista PCs to map each other's drives on the network.  Even an external HD on one of them won't map the root.

If I'm not mistaken you can't map to the root of your drive in Vista, at least not in the home version you are using.

You can try to activate the builtin "Administrator" Account which is not active by default for security reasons, and if you logon using that account, you might just be able to map administrative shares. If it doesn't work with that account, then there is probably no way to get it to work.

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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Agree..  There are good reasons not to be able to share the Root Drive..  but you can access the Admin Share...  c$

Suggest you try Net Use for mapping the drives, as in a previous EE thread:


wukovitsAuthor Commented:
That explains a bit, the Vista Home issue.  Let me try these out when I return to the client's office and I'll let you know my results.

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