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Hello Experts,
I have to give a interface to a user not part of it or technical group just to perform a attribute change, how can i do this ? what is the tools available to give to users desktop?
Administrative Tools\Active Directory Users and Computers - this is too much for the user, i would like to limit the AD .i just need to give the users to access few users under one group, nothing else , may be a single OU visible to that user will be fine but the user need to view all users under one particular group,

any help?
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minvisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all you need to restrict AD this can be done with "delegation of control".
 If you need to set permissions manually selct the advanced features in "active directory users and computers" from the view menu. With advanced features every OU has a security tab.
To give users not the whole view of AD you can make a customized mmc:
  • Open mmc (start - run - mmc.exe)
  • File - "add/remove snap-in" - add
  • select "active directory users and computers"
  • Add - close - ok
(If you just open dsa.msc it won't work)
  • now right click the OU that you need
  • Click "new window from here"
  • minimize the active window within the mmc
  • close the full "active directory users and computers" snap-in
  • maximize your OU snap-in

Now you can create a taskpad view to add tasks to your snap-in:
  • right click the OU
  • click "new taskpad view"
  • follow the wizard to create tasks

And finally you can limit the console:
  • File - options
  • select one of the user modes

Now you can save your console as a *.msc file and distribute it to the users that need it.
NOTE: It's very important that you install the adminpak on the client computer, otherwise the clients cannot open it won't work.
Good luck!
Malli BoppeCommented:
I don't think you can have a limited MMC. You can restrict the user to change any thing on that one OU  or you can use third party web tools in the market.
ThushyaAuthor Commented:
Minvis -:)
this is what exactly i am looking for , i have given the limited rights to attributes through delegating but not convince giving the full AD tree, now i can do the trick - thank you so much.
ThushyaAuthor Commented:
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