How to enable ping to external interfaces of Sonicwall 2040

I'm having a heck of a time enabling ping to the external (public IP) interface of a Sonicwall 2040.  I know it's disabled by default, but I've tried creating  WAN to WAN access rules, WAN to LAN access rules, and NAT Policies, but still cant get a ping response.  

If I take the Sonicwall off and connect a laptop configured with my static IP to the WAN link I get ping response immediately.  

We are configuring failover and getting ping working will help our testing greatly.  Any help much appreciated.
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This can be done in two ways; you create a policy from WAN to LAN and forward ICMP traffic to :
1. an internal machine; in this case the machine would respond to ping traffic, so if for some reason the machine is down the ping response would not come.
2. Internal IP of Sonicwall itself; in this method the sonicwall device itself responds to ping requests.

It appears you already have tried above things but can you double check to be absolutely sure.

Thank you.
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