routing VLANs

Hi Experts,

I am trying to get a computer on VLAN 2 to talk to a server residing on VLAN 1.  I currently have:

- The  switch is in standalone layer 3 mode.
- IP for VLAN 1 ( and VLAN 2 (
- IP for Server ( and the computer (
- Ports are untagged, with appropriate VLAN ID assigned.
- IP Routing has both subnet listed as local, as well as a entry with Next Hop pointed to the server (
- Computer and server can't ping each other.

What have I missed?

Thanks for your help!
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in this case you should have ip address for vlan 2 configured on the switch and your pc should have your switch as a default gw
and one more thing:
server should also know where the second subnet is. so you have to add static route to the server:
route add <subnet2> mask via <ip address of a switch in vlan1>
TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
Hi exp,

Thanks for replying.  Regarding your first comment, what do you mean by "should have ip address for vlan 2 configured on the switch"?  The switch has IP assigned to VLAN1 ( and VLAN2 ( already.  Computers on VLAN2 have used the VLAN2 IP as the gateway.

I've added the route as per your suggestion, but its still not working.  On the server, its currently registered as:

Active Routes
Network Destination -
Netmask -
Gateway - (Switch's VLAN1 IP)
Interface -
Metric - 1

Any other suggestions?
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at present time your setup seems correct
can you ping 1.252 from client?
and can you ping 2.252 from server?
please provide traceroute from server to computer ip
TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
Hi exp,

Thanks for your help so far.  Perhaps I should explain the whole setup, as I might've missed something elsewhere...

My whole setup as follow:

Workstations ( --- HP2626 layer3 switch --- Linksys SFE2000 --- server( + workstations (

For HP switch
VLAN Default (
VLAN2 ( (Primary VLAN)
All ports are untagged with VLAN2 ID
IP Routing enabled
port1 connects to Linksys port1 via cross-over (not trunked)

For Linksys switch
port1 tagged with VLAN ID 2, connected to HP switch, trunk mode
port2 tagged with VLAN ID 1, connected to server, trunk mode
IP Routing has VLAN1 and VLAN2 subnets listed as local, as well as a entry with Next Hop pointed to the server (

Server can ping both Linksys VLAN IPs, but not HP.  HP switch can ping VLAN2 IP of Linksys, and VLAN1 IP of Linksys is "unreachable on this VLAN".

I hope this will help in sorting the problem out.  Thanks!
trunking in hp is the same as tragging in linksys
so if port 1 on hp is not trunked, then linksys port 1 should be untagged for vlan 2
the same for server - port 2 should be untagged in vlan 1.
so the first thing you should archive - workstation should be able to ping linksys
TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
Hi exp,

Yes, I can ping the Linksys from workstations connected to HP, but only the IP of the same subnet.  Vise versa for the server from Linksys side.  What's next?  Seems so close to solving this problem!

TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
I am increasing the point value because its not as simple as I first thought.
ok, please provide me with ip settings (screenshots) from your workstation and server
Please also show me screenshots from routing sections of your linksys.
I would like to be 200% sure, that we haven't missed something.
Because at this point everything should work, so I suppose some small nasty typo is hiding from us
TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
The Linksys web interface just went down..  I can ping it, but the time varies greatly from 160ms back to 1ms..  Someone was working on the server just now, so not sure if its related.  Will restart the switch later today and see if I can get it back.
TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
Here are the details, minus the info from the Linksys.  Will grab those soon.
TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
Here are the Linkysys info..

What am I missing?  
thanks for screenshots.
1. I would say, that you have to reconfigure default gw on workstation from 251 to 252, because hp does not route anything.
2. please allow autoconfiguration for ports on hp, I would say 10Full is very ancient mode.... should be auto and they should negotiate 100Full normally
3. server has default to 8.2, possibly to firewall and second nic has 1.1 address, so you have to add static route for server:
          route add -p mask

hopefully it should work after all :)

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TBG_PerthAuthor Commented:
Thanks exp for all your help.  Changing the gateway on workstation solved the issue!  
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