Idle or Timeout VPN connections to auto disconnect

Have a windows 2003 server and would like to know if there is a way after either a set time or idle period to automatically disconnect a VPN session. Have one user that will stay on for weeks if I would let him. Isn't working just keeps forgeting to disconnect from the VPN.
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can create a remote access policy to disconnect idle sessions. From an earlier post of mine:
Open the RRAS console | expand the server | click on remote access policies | right click in the right hand window and choose new Remote access policy | use wizard and enter a name | VPN | select the group or users to which you wish to apply | select defaults in the next windows (unless you have configured differently) and  finish | right click on the policy and choose properties | edit profile | set you idle time out, session limits, and/or access times and OK
Polices are executed in order, but I don't believe the placement of this one should make much difference. If you want to change its placement right click on the policy and choose move up or down.

This should do it. I don't believe you have to restart the RRAS service to apply, but if it doesn't work you can restart from the services management console.
As an alternative, you could also edit an existing policy.
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