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Rogers dns server vs. OpenDNS dns server

I hope this will be an entertaining problem for you DNS experts. I am on rogers high speed internet, using a windows server 2003 machine as my NAT server, router, and dns server.

I noticed something which I find atrocious about Rogers' DNS servers - when you mistype a url in IE, instead of failing, and letting IE use your default search provider, it instead returns results from "search.rogers.com powered by yahoo" to send ads and rogers propaganda your way. Besides that, it's really slow.

So I've switched my server's dns server to forward to OpenDNS.com's dns servers, and not Rogers' dns servers. OpenDNS.com does the same searching trick that rogers does, but their search is much more appealing and customizable, and I respect their efforts more than rogers.

So here's my question:

     1) After making the dns forwarder switch, Internet Explorer correctly redirects to OpenDNS's search page when I type an invalid domain into the url bar. My other browser K-Meleon (a mozilla based lightweight browser) stills redirects to rogers! Any ideas why?

     2) Rogers is supposed to warn you when you reach your bandwidth limitation. It does this by "magically" overlapping whatever webpage you're viewing with a warning notice. How is this done? Is this the dns server's doing? By changing over to OpenDNS am I killing that functionality?

Fun related pictures ARE attached. For some reason they're not showing. So click these:

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Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
1) is your other browser configured to use a proxy? have you flushed the temp internet files on that domain? have you run a ipconfig /flushdns?

2) Your warning will be injected by some kind of Transparent Proxy your ISP will have. This won't be effected by changing DNS servers.
1) set your router & DHCP server to the same DNS server

Another to consider: (old GTE)

I'm on Verizon FIOS, and Verizon decided to do the DNS hijacking thing.  Funny...the GTE DNS server is way faster responding.  YMMV, since you need to hop from Rogers to Verizon/GTE to get to
Frosty555Author Commented:
ipconfig /flushdns did the trick
Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Thanks for the points then :)
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