Clients not reporting status to WSUS

I have setup a new Windows 2008 Server that I have installed WSUS and SCCM on.

I have configured all my client machines to talk to the WSUS server and they have all registered with the system. For the first few days some of the machines reported their status but now no machines are reporting their status.

When I run wuauclt /detectnow and look at the entries in the WindowsUpdate.log it all appears to be communicating correctly yet the status isn't being updated in the WSUS console.

I have also installed SCCM onto this server and I think this is what is causing the problem with the WSUS console. I had turned on the Software Update Point role in SCCM and I think that is what caused the clients to stop reporting to the WSUS server.

I turned off the Software Update Point Role but that didn't help fix the reporting. After turning of the role I then approved some more updates through WSUS and these were distributed correctly to the machines but the status still wasn't updated.

How can I either turn off the SUP role so that it doesn't affect WSUS or configure it so that the reporting information can get through?

I thought I would be able to use the SUP role and WSUS side by side but is this not the case?

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it-servicesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Seperating WSUS and SCCM isn't an option but I have discovered the solution after I opened this question.

For anyone else who might have a similar problem

In SCCM under Site Settings and Component Configuration there is the Software Update Point Component. Looking at the properties of this Component and selecting the Sync Settings tab at the bottom there are three options relating to WSUS reporting events.

Set the options to either Create Only WSUS Status reporting events or Create all WSUS reporting events and then the status reports will be delivered to the WSUS server.

it-servicesAuthor Commented:
I wasn't able to see any zones directly relating with WSUS or SCCM so if there are better zones that I should assign this question to please let me know

I just attended a training class on SCCM and found out during it on my own that have a WSUS and a SCCM server communicating was way to cumbersome and that having 2 separate instances fixed a ton of problems. I know thats not really an answer but I have had a WSUS server running for quite some time and have no aspirations to couple it with SCCM because of the headaches it would involve. The WSUS server has been running without a problem and i dont feel like braking something!!
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