How to track the Detected dependencies in the setup project

HI ,
I am having terrible problem , with my windows service
when i tryed to create a set up project for my service i am getting the two dependencies of the same dll
i even tryed to check all the refeneces and everything is  fine i am referencing to the same one is there any way i can where is it searching this dependency from .
i guess this is causing me an exception like

This is the error:
.NET Runtime 2.0 Error
unhandled exception being thrown out of the application.
EventType clr20r3, P1 windowsservice2.exe, P2, P3 4919b7ab, P4
system.configuration, P5, P6 4889de74, P7 9d, P8 48, P9
ioibmurhynrxkw0zxkyrvfn0boyyufow, P10 NIL.

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Vadim RappCommented:
1. No, since unhandled exception occurs in your own windowsservice2.exe, it only means that there's a statement in your code that is not within try-catch, and the statement fails.

2. in your picture, I don't see primary output from your windows service project. I suggest you look at some walkthrough like

3. finally, whenever you want to share a picture with others, it's good idea to make the picture in compressed format such as JPG or PNG -rather than uncompressed BMP - the picture would become hundred times smaller.
Swetha_aJaXAuthor Commented:
I have the primary output , i know it doesnt showed up on the picture and the other main thing was did you see that there are two DLL referencing (i.e enterprise library .common ) i wish to know where exctley they are using i tryed checkong alla the DLL referencing the service
my issue here is that i wish to find the strong names and versions of the DETECTED REFERNCES
it would be help full to track that
for the exception i wraped up a try catch block in my onstart i guess it may leave me some clues.
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Vadim RappCommented:
I think the only way to find that out is to open the compiled msi with ORCA and look inside at the included dll's - there will be versions in Files table and probably strong names somewhere as well - this I don't know.

I think though you shouldn't worry about those, if there are no clear signs of any version mismatch. The error is in your code and is quite trivial, better concentrate on that.
Vadim RappCommented:
actually, if you double-click those dependencies on the picture, they will show up in the file system on the target machine, and the properties will be shown, including the version.
Swetha_aJaXAuthor Commented:
versions are matching but the thing is some have a strong nameing keys and some doesnot have so i want to figure it out where it is exactly detecting that from
Vadim RappCommented:
maybe not the best solution, but if there's nothing else, copy the project elsewhere and then start deleting one piece after another, and see what's detected has disappeared after removal of each piece.
Swetha_aJaXAuthor Commented:
is there any tool or some thing by whichi can find those dependies ?
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