Virtual OS licensing with Server 2008 standard X64 OEM


I have a few customer who need a new server as old ones are gettin, well old :-) I have been considering virtual servers (Hyper-V): As the needs are pretty basic, enterprise version is a bit overkill (pricewise also).

We will have OEM version media naturally.

Question 1: If I install X64 version as the master OS, can I install X32 version as the virtual OS?
Question 2: If I want to install two Virtual OS machines, can I ship the server with 2 OEM licenses?

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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Q1: Yes, the license grants you the right to install 'another instance' of the Server software.
Q2: Yes, 2 OEM licenses means you will have 2 Virtual Server installation keys.

You realise that when you purchase Standard Edition, you have 2 licenses to use - one for the host and one for the virtual machine.

tamsysAuthor Commented:
Thanks Matt, I will be probably be asking more questions later about perfomance recommendations etc.
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