How to uninstall Mcafee installed from Sonicwall?

We have Mcafee AV installed on all the workstations, it was pushed out by our sonicwalls.  I now need to uninstall it from everyone's workstations so I can install something else.  Is their an easy way to uninstall the Mcafee without having to touch each machine?
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Simon EarlSenior ConsultantCommented:
How was McAfee pushed out by SonicWall ?

what version ?

What do you propose in replacing it with ?

menreeqAuthor Commented:
Product Version  Plan to replace it with BitDeffender.  
Simon EarlSenior ConsultantCommented:
OK, let's get this straight....

McAfee is not pushed out by SonicWall, McAfee is only pushed out by ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator)

You're using Total Protection for Small Business if it's a version 4.5

Is budget an issue in your company ?  Why on earth would you replace McAfee with BitDefender ? It's not a corporate product and you risk opening your network to all the nasties known to man.  BitDefender's technology is nowhere as good as McAfee (and no, I don't work for McAfee)

How many users are in your company ?

And again, how was McAfee pushed out by SonicWall ?  I've been doing this for years and this would be the first time I've ever known a firewall distribute someone else's antivirus

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menreeqAuthor Commented:
see for some info on SonicWall pushing out McAfee

also, if you look at 
bitdefender doesn't fare too badly compared to McAfee, actually has a higher detection rate
Simon EarlSenior ConsultantCommented:
As I thought, It's McAfee Total Protection for Small Business.

Don't forget AV Comparatives compares home user software not corporate, I presume you're not going to install the home version of BitDefender on your work network ?  That's what you're implying by making the reference to avcomparatives.

I'd personally stick with McAfee, and I've been through all of the major AV in many organisations and McAfee is the only one that we now recommend.

It's your choice though....

With the Sonicwall box, it's also a bit of a smoke and mirrors trick

The Sonicwall box would seem to have the inbuilt management console, but it's not......

It actually seems to put into a frame from within the Sonicwall box.

If you establish your credentials that let you log in to the mcafeeasap point from within the box, you would be able to log in to mcafeeasap and click on Help, Tools and then you would be able to use the MVUninst.exe tool to remove the McAfee Total Protection for Small Business.

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menreeqAuthor Commented:
legalsrl, thanks for your feedback.  

Can you explain this a bit more:

"If you establish your credentials that let you log in to the mcafeeasap point from within the box"
Simon EarlSenior ConsultantCommented:
Did you get any log in details to the McAfee site when you bought the box ?

Have you got a McAfee Grant number ?

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