How to increase FPS above 60?


I upgraded my computer a few months ago to an NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+.

I know the 60 FPS rate is related to my refresh rate on my monitor - a 22" 1680x1050 LCD - the refresh rate is 60Hz.

I turned V-Sync off in both games - is there a way to remove this fps cap? I just want to see how my computer would run if it wasn't limited.

BTW - the 9800GTX+ plays Fallout 3 with EVERYTHING ALL THE WAY UP very easily at 60fps... capped. I'd like to see how it REALLY does. :-)

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Well human eyes can only detect a FPS of 60, I would wonder if you can see any change...
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:
Indeed I would. :-) Human eyes can detect FPS well over 60, give appropriate conditions. Most people can detect 190-240 FPS in some situations. Fighter pilots can recognize an aircraft outline flashed for only 1/220 of a second. Factors that can change your ability to perceive things at different FPS are ambient light, things in peripheral vision, the luminosity of the object being viewed, and various others.
For example, many areas in Fallout 3 are dark and gray. Because of this, even when running at 60 FPS, it looks a bit choppy when bullets fly by and when enemies rush me and start swinging sledgehammers at me.
Either way, I know I'm not going to be seeing anything faster than 60FPS because of my screen's refresh rate.
However, I'd still like to see what my system is capable of running F3 at. :-D
If you put every setting in game to maximum and it's still runs at 60 FPS, then your card is already 'perfect' for the game. If you want to benchmark the video card, may be you can use 3dmark?
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its proberbly capped by the game itself. Sometimes they do this. If you really want to see what your machine is capable of buy crysis.

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Try opening the Properties for your desktop GW icon and in the Target Box add


to the launch target so it reads: ........\GW.EXE" -perf

You should be able to up your framerate to around 70fps but that's about the best you can squeeze out of it.
FO3 uses the Gambryo game engine so you might be able to use the iFPSClamp=60 setting to increase the in game FPS, you'll get more information from the Tweak Guide here:
Although you are right about the 60fps limit being all the human eye can detect (myth!) a 60Hz LCD can still only display 60fps which is why game mechanics tend to lock in a 60 cap. You can get your games to play at higher rates but you then lose frames - at that point it's more a matter then of which frames you display rather than the rate.
if vsync is off, it could be the game is coded to not go above 60, some game makers do do this.

^^ true, your LCD when vsync is on will try to sync every frame to the LCD< when it is off, the frames just go on and on, and %99 of the time the end result - tearing, or weird graphical visual on screen as the LCD can not keep up with the output of the vid card

also, how can we kill this "the human eye can only see 24/30/60FPS max" - is a myth and has been proven time and time and time and time again!  The myth started because tv broadcasts and movies, but televison and movies use a "blur" effect between frames to make things appear smooth, computer do not, they send out every raw frame as is!
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:
Well, I suppose It's coded as such, because vsync is off and it still only hits 60 FPS.
What's interesting is that Age of Empires 3 when turned all the way to high on everything plays, it averages about 118 FPS.
Another interesting observation is that AoE3 runs a bit slower than F3 when it dips! I guess having 300 little men running around and lots of particles taxes the GPU more than F3! :-P
As far as I know, this is a problem that Vsync will not solve in Fallout 3, as the FPS is locked at 60 for timing within the engine. (I'd assume because of the multi-threading).

You can play around with the iFPSClamp variable within the games .ini config file, and you can cap the FPS at something lower if you like. If you're getting weird stuttering, or lag, this may help solve it.

Otherwise, you're out of luck in this case.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Strange...seems like everywhere I look Fallout 3 IS Capped at 60FPS, but only for ATI Based cards...the NVidia based cards should not be capped if Vsync is off.

Try fps_max or Max_fps?

I dont have fallout3 so I can't test....
Anyway googled "FPS cap at 60 Fallout 3" you should see more info.
Anyway good luck!
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Also found this....not sure if it is of any benefit or of any help:

"there is a setting under Nvidia control panel called 'maximum pre-rendered frames' set this to '0' so there is little to no mouse lag. I hope this helps."
clipped from here:
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:
Well, I guess the cap is indeed 60 fps on NV cards too.
nice of game makers to decided what is best :)

as for AoE 3 - game like this are very CPU intesive, and also when you do have many units, it does apply AA and AF individually to each one so they are often more demanding then many other games due to the sheer number of items on screen at one time.
Also, MIN FPS is more a result of your CPU, a bottled necked CPU cant feed the GPu fast enough, resulting in large drops in frames and lower minium FPS number.
hey i  use a nvidia card...

and i get 100 fps when i play counterstrike 1.6 / half-life..

so i dont think nvidia cards are capped at 60 fps
and my monitor refresh rate is 85 hz...
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:
I have a Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition. I don't think it's a CPU bottleneck in any situation! :-P :-D
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys!
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