Difference between DispatchAction and LookupdisactAction?

what are Difference between DispatchAction and LookupdisactAction?
both are used to eliminate of having separate action class for different function(add/update/delete)
then where to use DispatchAction  and where to use LookUpDispatchAction ?
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Lets say you have 3 buttons on your form: add, delete, and update. If your website is in English and you're not planning to use internatoinalization, you would code the three buttons:

<html:submit property="action">add</html:submit>
<html:submit property="action">update</html:submit>
<html:submit property="action">delete</html:submit>

You could then use DispatchAction and code the methods add(), update(), and delete(), and Struts would forward to the appropriate method based on the button pressed.

However, if you use internationalization, this won't work because the label of the button could be in any number of languages. In this case, you need to use LookupDispatch action and code your JSP like this:

<html:submit property="action"><bean:message key="label.add" /></html:submit>
<html:submit property="action"><bean:message key="label.update /></html:submit>
<html:submit property="action"><bean:message key="label.delete" /></html:submit>

You'll then code the getMethodKey() to find the appropriate method based on the message key. That way, regardless of what language is actually used at runtime, Struts will still dispatch to the correct method.

I hope it explains...
LookupDispatchAction is subclass of DispatchAction.
In case of DispatchAction, you have to declare the method name in the JSP page.
For Example :
http://localhost:8080/emp/empaction.do?step=add // IN CASE OF DispatchAction
here step=add , we are delaring method name in JSP.
<html:submit property="step">Add</html:submit> //IN CASE OF DispatchAction
so we can't use localization for button.

To over come both the issues below
a)method name declaration in JSP
b)can't use localization for button
We will go for LookupDispatchAction.

In the LookupDispatchAction :
For example :
If there are three operation like add, delete, update employee.
You can create three different Actions 
AddEmpAction, DeleteEmpAction and UpdateEmpAction.
This is a valid approach, although not elegant since there might be duplication of code across
the Actions since they are related. LookupDispatchAction is the answer to this
problem. With LookupDispatchAction, you can combine all three Actions into one.

Example :
Step 1.
three buttons might be
<html:submit property="step">
<bean:message key="button.add"/>
<html:submit property="step">
<bean:message key="button.delete"/>
<html:submit property="step">
<bean:message key="button.update"/>

//No need method name declaration in JSP . Button name from resource bundle.

Step 2.
In the the Resource Bundle. //Here you can add localization.

Step 3.
Implement a method named getKeyMethodMap() in the subclass of the
LookupDispatchAction. The method returns a java.util.Map. The
keys used in the Map should be also used as keys in Message Resource

public class EmpAction extends LookupDispatchAction {

public Map getKeyMethodMap()
Map map = new HashMap();
map.put("button.add", "add");
map.put("button.delete", "delete");
map.put("button.update", "update");

public ActionForward add(ActionMapping mapping,
ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception
//your logic

public ActionForward delete(ActionMapping mapping,
ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception
//your logic

public ActionForward update(ActionMapping mapping,
ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception
//your logic


in struts-config.xml

<action path="/empaction"
<forward name="add-success"
<forward name="delete-success"
<forward name="update-success"

for every form submission, LookupDispatchAction does the
reverse lookup on the resource bundle to get the key and then gets the method
whose name is associated with the key from

Flow of LookupDispatchAction:
a) Form the button name "Add" get the key "button.add" fro resource bundle.
b) then in the Map getKeyMethodMap() find the value associated with the key "button.add".
c) value from the Map is "add" . then call add() method of the same action class.


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