There are no hosts in my reverse DNS zone

Three workdays ago I had to change IP subnet for a customer.

It went ok, but I am still missing the hosts in the reverse DNS Zone.

------ REVERSE ZONE ----------------------
Name      Type      Data      Pointer (PTR)      dc.dkdom.local.
(same as parent folder)      Name Server (NS)      dc.dkdom.local.
(same as parent folder)      Start of Authority (SOA)      [2], dc.dkdom.local., hostmaster.dkdom.local.

------ FORWARD ZONE ---------------------
Name      Type      Data
(same as parent folder)      Host (A)
(same as parent folder)      Name Server (NS)      dc.dkdom.local.
(same as parent folder)      Start of Authority (SOA)      [5978], dc.dkdom.local., hostmaster.dkdom.local.
D19TY93J      Host (A)
D2HN6N1J      Host (A)
D3341T3J      Host (A)
D4SXY22J      Host (A)
D562071J      Host (A)
d62071j      Host (A)
D6X7MP1J      Host (A)
D8ZS5S2J      Host (A)
d962071j      Host (A)
d962071j      Host (A)
D9CDMW3J      Host (A)
DB62071J      Host (A)
DBCDMW3J      Host (A)
DGHW191J      Host (A)
Flemming2008      Host (A)
FS2007      Host (A)
HB2007      Host (A)
IK-Dell      Host (A)
Lisa2008      Host (A)
marc      Host (A)
Mark2008      Host (A)
Mona2008      Host (A)
montage2008      Host (A)
mpe2007      Host (A)
sortimodc      Host (A)


As you can see there are still some "old 192.168.1.x" records in the forward zone. How do I get rid of those?

Both zones are Active Directory integrated and secure only updates.

Dynamic DNS updates are enabled on the DHCP scope
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You can delete the old records or if you have Scavanging enabled, the old records will be deleted as soon as the DHCP lease expires.

When your (A) hosts are created, are the PTR record automatically added?
TANGLADAuthor Commented:
OK I will enable scavanging

No it doesn't seem that PTR records are automatically added
Cool. As soon as you create a new (A) host, remember to tick automatically create PTR record. If you do this once, it will be set as default and all new records will be created with a PTR record as well.
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TANGLADAuthor Commented:
But how do I get PTR records for my existing A records?
Well, if you double click on each (A) record, you can tick the box that says: "Update associated pointer PTR record.
TANGLADAuthor Commented:
Have done that (yesterday) still no new records in the reverse zone

If DHCP is registering in DNS for the clients, and the clients are XP, use repair this connection, if the client registers itself use ipconfig /registerdns, if the client doesn't support DDNS, DHCP is registering the client, so use ipconfig /release & ipconfig /renew.

TANGLADAuthor Commented:
This morning there was still no records in the reverse zone. Changed the zone to accept both secure and non-secure updates and now every host is in the zone.

But what could have prevented the host updates when the zone was set to allow only secure updates?
OH!!!! Well... By default for an authoritative zone, you should enable both secure and non secure updates. I would never have thought that this was not selected on your server. Strange...

If you have non secure updates deselected, then the updates to the reverse zone will be ignored as this is a non authorative zone for Integrated AD.

Glad it's working now.

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