FME conversion of data from AutoCAD DWG to MapInfo TAb

I want to convert 80 Autocad DWG file to Mapinfo Tab files using Safe Softwares FME translator.
the problem is when select the 80 source DWG files it just extract the layers from the DWG file and outputs them as merged layers for the 80 files.
what I want to do is to take the 80 dwg files, merge all the layer to a single layer and output them as mapinfo tab file, with a corrasponding tab file for the dwg input, the tabfile should have the same name as the input file also.

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M_LynnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or, you could merge your converted files in MapInfo into a single file.
How about using MapInfo's Universal translator to translate the DWG files to Mapinfo Tab files? Sorry I don't know Safe Softwae FME translator, but I have often converted DWG files to Mapinfo tabs in this manner.
mrfixit22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Mapinfo have a convertor that is free you can use it.  FME has a convert that is free also.
Are these Intergraph files or AUTOCAD files?
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