VMWare Converter - can't configure result

I have used VMWare converter to convert a win 2003 server but I can't configure the server after, th option is grayed out.

I installed the s/w on my local PC.
Selected the server to convert, it installed the agent on the server.
I selected as the destination some file space on an alternative server, visible to all (Client, server to be converted, ESX server).
I selected type of virtual machine to create as  Workstation4.5x, ACE1.x,GSX Server 3.x
(see atached jpg)

It seemed to go off hapily and do the conversion and I ended up with 2 files in the destination
VMWare Converter reporter 100% complete, all looked well.

The documentation I have suggests I should at this point be able to hit the configure machine button in the converter and make a bootable image which I assume I can then import into my ESX 3.5 server.

Does anyone know why the configure button is grayed out or what I might have got wrong during this proccess.


Jo CoxICT ManagerAsked:
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No jpg.
Is this an enterprise version of converter, this version allows p2v in to esx?
Jo CoxICT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Its a starter edition, I am running purely in a test and evaluation environment.

Sorry jpg won't upload...

Is this the problem, surely it should still work?
Yep, that's it see under Remote conversion:

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Jo CoxICT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks 65td.
I still have problems getting this converted machine to the ESX server. I am going to post it as a seperate question.
Could try a convert into VMWare Server just to verify the convervion process.
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