MS Office document slow to open in Lotus Notes attachment

I've just upgraded my Lotus Notes to version 7. I find that if I want to open an attachment which is MS Office document by double clicking the attachment, a window as shown in the uploaded picture will appear. Then I click the open button to open the attachment, it will need to wait for 1 min to open the document. Why is it that slow by using this method? Wheras if I right click on the attachment and choose Open, the file will be straight away open, very fast.
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This may be coming from your antivirus or some group Policy.

Is anybody else getting this error ?

cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
This is not an error. The windows is a normal message that sure will appear every time when we want to open any attachments.

Try this

 - Close Notes
 - Delete your cache.ndk file in the lotus notes data dir.
 - Lauch notes and see if the problem persists


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cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
If we delete the cache.ndk, will it auto generate the cache.ndk again?
If we delete the cache.ndk, will it cause my Lotus Notes to crash?
Yes and NO
cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
I have deleted the Cache.NDK but the speed to open the word document by using this method is still slow.
Are you the only person getting this slow response when trying to open an attachment?

Try stopping you Anti-Virus and see it is makes a difference.    It can also be a design issue.  Upgrade your mailfile design to the R7 template.  

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cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
Yes, this is the only PC which response slow. It has been using R7 already.
All other PCs are also running Anti-Virus but doesn't react slow in opening the MS Office attachment with this method.

Open you mailfile on another PC and see if this happens there also.  I'm trying to determine if it is your Mail File db or your Lotus Notes client that is causing the problem.  

Have you tested it with the AV off?  Even if is is working on others machines with AV it is not to say that there is nothing wrong with your AV.  

What ODS version is your mail file?   Are you sure you are using the R7 design template for the Mail files?  Try replacing the design of the mail file to R6 and see if the problem persists.   I've seen printers also creating havoc with Lotus Notes, especially after an MS update.  Try deleting all your printers.  Close and open Lotus Notes again with no printers loaded and see if the problem persists.  


cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
Since it's just 1 machine reported this problem so far. I will not waste time to troubleshoot this. Just asking the user to use another method of opening the document will do.
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