perl script querying a oracle 10g DATABASE

  We've recently upgraded to oracle 10G Release 2.

When browsing a  web page that executes a perl script in the backend, it fails with a oracle error ora-03113 end of file on communication channel throws that error to the apache logs and crashes....the server is running perl 5.8.5 with DBD-Oracle was running fine when we had oracle 9i running...

execute error: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel (DBD ERROR:
OCIStmtExecute) (DBD ERROR:
    <- DESTROY= undef during global destruction

can someone advice?

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trance12Author Commented:
It fails on a read query selecting from a table...however if i run that same query in sqlplus, it works fine..
can ypu please post the corresponding perl command
The DBD::Oracle module has a newer version: 1.22.  You could try upgrading to the latest version.
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trance12Author Commented:
This is the exact error

[Mon Nov 17 16:25:21 2008] null: DBD::Oracle::db DESTROY failed: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel (DBD ERROR: OCITransRollback) during global destruction.

The error happens at random...however once we restart apache, the error does not appear for a few hours and then all of a sudeen it starts again...

i've checked memory stats etc on the server and it looks fine..

trance12Author Commented:
That error is what writes to the apache logs...

On the web page though, it throws this error

Can't call method "execute" on an undefined value at /usr/local/apache/htdocs/resell/index.cgi line 26.

which is this query

my $sql = "SELECT product_id, header_link,footer_link, middle_page_link FROM  reseller WHERE  reseller_id = '$resell'";

my $sth = $WAP::lda->prepare($sql);

The error on the webpage indicates that $WAP::lda is note defined.  How is this created?

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my $sql = 'SELECT product_id, header_link,footer_link, middle_page_link FROM  reseller WHERE  reseller_id = ?';
my $sth = $WAP::lda-->prepare($sql);

# assuming that $ WAP::lda is correct
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