exchange 2003 shared calendar reminder problem

Hi, I have to create a shared calendar for my organization on an exchange server 2003. The problem is that only the creator of an  the item receive the reminder the people who shares the calendar don't. I need all people receive the reminder there is away to do that?
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Mark GalvinConnect With a Mentor Managing Director / Principal ConsultantCommented:

One of the other experts my come in with another way to achieve your goal but I think the only way is for the appoiment to be sent to all users that need a reminder so that the appointment appears in their own calendars.

Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal ConsultantCommented:
I believe the only way is for each person to have the appointment in their own calendar.
pozlu0Author Commented:
So you confirm my suspect is impossible to have a notification for all user that hare the calendar. You know another way to do someting like that? thank you very much
there are one or two addon apps that i know will do what you need.
some are free and some you will have to pay for.
this is an example 

i am still looking for a 'light' version of the above.
if/when i find i will let you know.

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