Cisco Call Manager Upgrade from 4.2 to 6.1 steps

Hi all

We are planing to upgrade our cisco call manager 4.2 to 6.1. We have around 2000 users which we need to move them over or upgrade to 6.1

solution 1

upgrade from 4.2 to 6.1 with no server changes.

solution 2

create new server  cluster with 6.1 and then move the users to the new cluster.(can you provide some samples.)

Can you please help us on what steps we need to take.

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decoleurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would go to 7 instead of 6.x as 6.0 has already been placed in End of Sale. really what you need to concer yourself with is if your hardware can handle the new application. see the hardware comptibility matrix to confirm:

either option will work and both will require down time while your phones upgrade to the newest phone load. if you have a cluster I would take the publisher off-line and upgrade a subscriber as a new publisher and roll the phones to the new server then rebuild the other subscribers wth the new platform. after the transition is complete and you are happy with the results I would move the old publisher over as a new subscriber.

the documentation for the upgrade process at cisco is very complete. I would do you a diservice by trying to summarize it. See: Upgrading to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 7.0(1) from Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.x Releases at for more info.

hope this helps,

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