How to totalize a field in a multi-line block from a multi line sub block in Oracle Forms.

I have two multiline blocks , A and B. Typicall master and detai relation. B is the detail block from A.
I want to put a sum item in A block, getting the total ammount from her childs in the A block.
but i get the error: the item must be in the same block or the block must be only 1 record.
If i do the master block  only 1 reg not problem, but i need this block multi reg too.
how can i put a sum item from detail block in the master block (multi line too)?
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Dr_BillyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Waht would solve your problem is to create a non-database item on the master block, in your post-Query trigger on the block level , do the following

  V_Sum Number  ;
    Select Nvl(Sum(Details_Column_name),0)
       into  V_Sum
      from  your_Details_Table
   Where  Your_Deails_Table.Master_Table_FK = :Master_Block.Primary_Key ;

     When others then
        V_Sum := 0 ;
  :Master_Block.tot.lin := V_Sum  ;
What you need to do is create a control block with a single record and only one item which is going to hold the summarized data from the detail block , you can display that item on the screen with the Master block , there is no harm in that.

set the summary item in that block to point to the item that you want find it's summation in the detail block , that will resolve your problem.
ColorkerAuthor Commented:
I have created another block (ej: A2) with the sum item with only a reg. it's ok, it displays the sum from block B regs, but i still can't display this summarized result in the multi-reg master block (A). I can't copy the value to the real item in A block, I can't set "coy value from..." or syncronize. If i set this item like sum of the fake item , i get the same error.
Sorry for my English....
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Can you please post snapshots of the blocks , and set the item that you want to summarize so I can get a clear picture of what you want to do , am a bit confused.
ColorkerAuthor Commented:
Here is it.
ColorkerAuthor Commented:
Ok, I will do it in that way. It wanted to avoid that manual calculations, but it seems it is the only way. Thanks for all.
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