Unistallation from add remove program fails.

Hi all,

I need to uninstall two programs Symantec Antivirus, and Microsoft office 2007.

The office 2007 package is corrupt basically my friend made a mass and for some reason from my server he deleted the files from Windows explorer manually. The problem is the entrance to add remove program about the Microsoft office 2007 is still there and  it cannot be uninstalled anymore. How can I force remove this entrance from add remove program? I tried HighJackThis but it doesn't work.

Other issue is that Symantec Antivirus cannot also be removed from all my clients. Symantec Antivirus was originally installed from one server and the client was installed remotely with what they call push installation from the parent server. Now to remove the client from each client machine a password is needed but for some reason password doesn't work anymore and the anti virus cannot also be removed from add remove program.

I don't know how to solve this? I need to basically remove both program Office 2007 that is just a dead entrance on add remove program, and uninstall also Symantec from all client machine.

I also used some registry cleaner program but they don't work.
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bRvOConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If noNav doesn't work try this cleanwipe utility :  http://www.ncsu.edu/antivirus/troubleshooting/nonav.php
You can manually remove the entry for Office 2007 from the registry.  If you are not comfortable using the registry, then don't do this:
Backup your registry.
Navigate to HKEY Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall.  
In there you will find the entries for the items that appear in your Add/Remove Programs list.  
Find the one for Office and Delete it.

Sorry, but I can't help with the Symantec.  If it runs as a service, maybe disable it?
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You can either disable the password completely or use Symantec's NoNav tool to remove all files/folders/registry keys that related to SAV:

1) To remove the password:

Open Regedit, browse to


Set UseVPUninstallPassword = 0

Try removing SAV from Add/Remove programs

2) Download and run Nonav


A Symantec Certified Specialist @ your service
Did you remove SAV from your system ?

You can try (http://www.revouninstaller.com/) for removing Office 2007 from Add/Remove programs
daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
Thanks in some helped
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