Windows 2000 - Corrupt profile

I started win2000 up and I got a message that my profile was probably corrupt couldn't be opened or whatever and that it would create a temporary profile that would not be saved.

I googled this problem and it seems the advice is to log on as another admin and rename the corrupt profile directory in docs and settings and rename the offending ntuser.dat.


It seems I do not have another admin user on the machine ( a lesson learned now) and the user I am using seems to have lost its admin rights.

Am I stuffed or is there a way out of this?

Is reinstalling the OS the only solution?
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Andrew CroftsAsked:
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Download the password cracker CD iso available here

Burn this CD and boot from it; this will allow you to examine the accounts on your PC and unlock any administrative accounts (there should be one called "Administrator" that you probably dont have access to) and blank their passwords.  (choose to blank them , attempting to set the password to something else  usually fails).

This  might look/sound scary but just read the onscreen instructions carefully and if in doubt accept the default option. Its actually very easy and only requires a few keystrokes.

You should then be able to log in as user  "Administrator" with a blank password (if you dont see this user on the graphical login screen , press ctrl+alt+del twice to get a different login screen and you can type the username in).
Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'll have a go at that. This is a home machine so it may be a day or two before I can let you know how I got on.
no worries, like i said, just read the instructions carefully.

You will probably need to accept the defaults a few times (just press enter), then run through 2 seperate processes to (a)blank the Admin password and (b) unlock/re-activate the account, before finally quitting and confirming that you wish to write tyhe data.  When you reboot it should  then run a scandisk.

good luck!
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Does it allow you to logon with your Administrator account?  The error message above just states it is going to use a temporary profile.

If that IS the case, when logged on as your Administrator account, just create an additional account with administrative rights, or add your other user account to the Administrators group.

Right-click on My Computer and choose Manage.  Expand System Tools - Local Users and Groups.
Either click on Groups, then open the properties of the Administrators group on the right hand side and add your other account,
Or click on Users, create a new account, and then add that one to the Administrators Group.

You can then logon as that account and rename the original accounts profile folder.

Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
>Does it allow you to logon with your Administrator account?

It might if I knew the password, hence Chasha's suggestion.
Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
Questions about the "Administrator" account,

1 I assume it is created by default when the OS is installed? I don't remember.

2 Would there be a default password or would I have had to give it one.  If I had to give it one I can start racking my brains.

1) yes
2) if you installed windows then yes you would have given it one during install.  After the basic install is complete , when windows first boots it asks you to create a user which you usually then use for the rest of the PCs 'life'.  if someoen else installed windows (e.g. if you bought this computer with windows preinstalled) then you will only have gone through the second (post install) part of this and wont know the admin password.

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Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
I did install it so there is a chance I might guess the password
I should have phrased that differently.  Is the account that you normally log on with, the one that is generating the error, an Admin account?

If so, you can create a secondary Admin account or reset the password on the built-in Admin account.

Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
The account I am using did have admin rights but since the profile corruption it seems to have lost these. The only other account with admin rights would be the default adminstrator account for which I do not have the password.
Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
Good news, it was only a matter of remembering the password for Administrator.

I am all sorted now. thanks for your help.

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Windows 2000

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